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Quick Comfort Heating and Cooling is a local HVAC company servicing the Brainerd Lakes Area. We offer repair, installation, maintenance services for residential heating and cooling systems. With our local price match guarantee we will beat any local bid in the Brainerd Lakes Area on furnace replacement. Let us take care of your heating and cooling needs for those hard winters and hot muggy summers. Call (218)-537-7917 or click for a free estimate today. 

$59 Furnace Inspection 

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Affordable and reliable HVAC services in Brainerd, Minnesota. Keep your house cool in the summer months and warm in the cool months. Winter season is near get your free estimate for your furnace or air-conditioning unit today.  HVAC systems can make you more comfortable at your workplace and home. Now you can stay home without any worries. 

$100 Referral

For any referral of a full system that completes the sale we will pay you $100.


Living in a cold place? Heaters, Boilers, and heating pumps are the most used by the people out there. If air conditioners require repairs and regular maintenance, then heating systems do too. We can keep you safe from the outdoor cold environment by helping you maintain the real condition of your heating system. 

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Air Conditioning

We are focused to make your summer a lot better by providing high quality air conditioning services. No matter what time it is, you contact our trained specialists. They will surely guide you on resolving you issues. We repair, maintain and replace air conditioning systems by seeing the size, quality, age, conditions, and other issues with ac units. 

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Emergency HVAC Services

No one wants to have problems with their heating or cooling system. when you get a problem, we're on your side! You can count on Quick Comfort for any HVAC needs that come up. Our highly trained professionals are always available and ready to help when needed. 
We are the experts who know how best to handle HVAC replacement situations without sacrificing quality workmanship. 
We offer competitive rates and flexible payment plans. Everyone gets treated fairly no matter what they are looking for from Quick Comfort Heating and Cooling. 


Residential HVAC

We provide the most effective cooling and heating services for the commercial scales. As everyone knows, commercial heating and cooling equipment need regular maintenance too. This heavy HVAC equipment demands extra time and expertise. We are always ready to provide our services at your offices, factories, and other workplaces.

The services that we offer in the residential heating and cooling systems are a lot different because they are smaller and user friendly. In the commercial levels the equipment is larger and complex which is not easy to handle. We have specified a professional team for repairing, maintenance and installing the commercial heating and cooling systems.

Our commercial HVAC services never gonna leave you sweating in your workplace. Your Ac issues and maintenance can be done within the 24 hours. You will not have to wait for the answer and delayed Ac services. If you are looking for the cooling or heating system repairs, then our team will reach you in time and fix your problem. We have specialists for you to measure your needs along with your range.

Emergency HVAC

A sudden breakdown of the cooling and heating systems are common because when the hvac equipment is neglected they end up instantly. Before letting this happen you can contact us. We are always available in every kind of emergency heating and cooling situation. You will never have to stay a single day without your heating and cooling systems.

Never think twice before calling for emergency repairs. If you want the thing to be done in time and immediately then you can get our service on your door within a small time. We know that living with a heating and cooling system is the most difficult job.


You will always be inspired by our emergency cooling and heating services.

We never want you to get frustrated in the situation when you’re heating and cooling system stops working or works slowly. We will answer you and ensure that your every issue gets resolved within very small time. without being worried about the time or looking for holidays, you can talk to us.

It will not take longer than 2-3 hours, if your hvac equipment will require regular maintenance or repair. For the installation of a proper unit for your home then it could take longer like a whole day. It’s a bit different kind work.



We are always there to maintain our name. With our years of experience, we are always looking to keep our customers happy. For this reason, we are dedicated to our core values.

We provide reliable services and make sure to respond in very short time. We respect our customers and restore their comfort zone. Visit our Blog.


Financing Options

We are one of the most trustworthy HVAC service providers. We target the right problem in the HVAC appliances and struggle to overcome them within time. Through our skillful work and cost-effective services, we have won a lot of hearts.

We specify our experience and expertise to our customers and facilitate them with five-star services.

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